Humboldt, Tennessee

Humboldt, Tennessee

Project Description:

Humboldt is a small town in West Tennessee with a population of approximately 9,300. Humboldt was able to successfully land a large industrial client, Tyson Foods, providing 1,600 new jobs. Tyson Foods would require a daily flow of up to 2 million gallons per day (MGD) of water and discharge up to 2 MGD of high strength wastewater, this would double the current Humboldt flows. This was going to require several improvements to the Humboldt water and sewer systems.


The additional water demand will double the current water demand of the City of Humboldt and required the new raw water well and renovations at the water treatment plant. Additionally, the new facility is located on the northern most part of the Gibson County Industrial Park which is the highest part of Humboldt. In order to supply the 2 MGD water demand at 70 psi to the site several improvements to the water distribution system were needed. After modeling the water distribution system, it was determined that new waterlines within the existing distribution system had to be added so the industries demand could be provided without compromising the existing customers water service. Additionally, with the higher elevations at the site a new water booster station and new 1.5 MG elevated water storage tank were constructed to create a new higher pressure plane for the water system.


This project consisted of improvements to the Water Treatment Plant and Water Distribution System. The improvements to the Water Treatment Plant consisted of the construction of a new raw water well, installation of higher efficiency pumps which run on variable frequency drives, installation of induced draft aerators, and replacement of the existing chemical feed pumps. The Water Distribution System Improvements consist of the construction of approximately 17,500 feet of 12-inch and 16-inch water lines, a water booster pumping station, and a new 1.5 million gallon elevated water storage tank.


During the fill phase, raw influent is mixed with the existing biomass in the basin with submersible mixers. Then, in the aerated fill, the mixers are turned off and air is injected into the basin through the full floor fine bubble diffuser system. This provides mixing as well as the needed oxygen for the biological process. During the react phase, the influent valve is closed and the aeration continues. At the end of the reaction phase, the aeration is stopped and the biomass settles leaving clear liquid at the top.


The water and sewer improvements that Humboldt Utilities needed to make required creative financing utilizing local funds and seven (7) funding agencies including Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, Economic Development Administration, Delta Regional Authority, Community Development Block Grant, Site Development Grant, and Fast-track Infrastructure Development Program. These projects were chosen by SRF as the drinking water and clean water projects of the year for the State of Tennessee.


Project Name: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Utility Name and Location: Humboldt Utilities, Humboldt Tennessee

Key Personnel: W. Scott Daniel, P.E., Stephen C. Lee, P.E. Dwight Phillips, P.E. (Electrical Engineer)

Construction Cost: $25,591,000

Date of Completion: Spring 2022

Engineering Services: Planning, Detailed Design, Bidding and Award, Construction Administration, and Resident Observation

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Tank Construction

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1.5 MG Elevated Water Storage Tank

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SBR Basin in Settle Phase

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Fine Bubble Diffusers