Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Project Description:

Construction for the Hammond Wood WWTP Renovation project is underway with Smith Contractors as the Contractor. This project includes a new influent pumping station with coarse screening, headworks with fine screening and grit removal, anaerobic zone with submersible mixers for enhanced biological phosphorus removal, renovation of the existing oxidation ditches, fine bubble aeration and submersible mixers, a new 110 foot diameter final clarifier, renovation of the existing return activated sludge pumping station, renovation of the existing chemical feed facilities, and permanent chemical feed facilities for peracetic acid disinfection. Biosolids are stored in two 750,000 gallon aerated prestressed concrete sludge holding tanks before being dewatered by screw presses. A new operations and laboratory building is part of the project which includes facilities for operator training.


Project Name: Hammond Wood Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Utility Name and Location: Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority, Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Key Personnel: J. Gregory Davenport, P.E. Stephen C. Lee, P.E., Dwight Phillips, P.E. (Electrical Engineer)

Construction Cost: $46,008,000

Date of Completion: Summer 2024

Engineering Services: Planning, Detailed Design, Bidding and Award, and Construction Administration