Dayton, Tennessee

Dayton, Tennessee

Project Description:

This project is an upgrade and expansion to the Dayton Water Treatment Plant to 6.0 MGD to help meet the projected demand and improve compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Upgrades include replacing two 250 HP pumps rated at 3,000 gpm with two 300 HP pumps rated at 4,350 gpm together with accessories and electrical switchgear, membrane filtration, and a new transmission line. The membrane equipment has been directly acquired by the City from the Pall Corporation.

Project Name: Membrane Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Utility Name and Location: City of Dayton Dayton, Tennessee

Key Personnel: J. Roy Wauford Jr., P.E., Robert S. Qualman, Jr., P.E., Phillips Engineering, Inc. (Electrical Sub-Consultant)

Construction Cost: This project is underway with an anticipated construction cost of $10,251,444.

Date of Completion: n/a

Engineering Services: n/a

Project Image

6.0 MGD Membrane Water Treatment Plant Construction- Background is High Service Pump Building and Foreground is Clearwell Slab