Henderson, Kentucky

Henderson, Kentucky

Project Description:

The Forest E. Stokes South Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWWTP) receives flow from the Henderson Water Utility’s south collection system including residents and industries in southern Henderson County, the City of Sebree and a small portion of McLean County. The SWWTP was originally constructed in 1995 followed by a significant expansion in 2003 resulting in the treatment facility’s current capacity of 4.0 MGD. The primary source of wastewater discharging to the SWWTP is a chicken processing facility which is in the immediate vicinity of the SWWTP site.Although the original aeration equipment performed sufficiently for the SWWTP to meet it’s effluent limitations, over time the efficiency and performance of the equipment diminished, resulting in increased O&M cost. Additionally, issues with slope stability and maintaining the liner integrity of the aeration basins quickly be-came a problem after construction of the SWWTP due to previously unknown groundwater conditions.Goals for this project included improving aeration and treatment performance, re-ducing O&M costs, and stabilization of aeration basin side slopes.

Project Name: Renovation of Existing Aeration Basins with Perforated Membrane Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers Forest E. Stokes South Wastewater Treatment Plant

Utility Name and Location: Henderson Water Utility, Henderson, Kentucky

Key Personnel: Stephen C. Lee, P.E., J. Gregory Davenport, P.E, Robert S. Qualman, Jr., P.E., Dwight Phillips, Electrical Engineer

Construction Cost: $3,102,255

Date of Completion: 2019

Engineering Services: Planning, Detailed Design, Bidding and Award, Construction Administration, and Resident Observation

Project Image

Each of three (3) aeration basins contains 4,300 9-inch disc perforated mem-brane fine bubble diffusers and PVC air distribution piping connected to a rein-forced concrete floor.

Project Image

Aeration equipment was tested utilizing potable water prior to allowing mixed liquor or raw wastewater to enter the aeration basin. Photo courtesy of Henderson Water Utility