The Clarifier | Fall 2017

The Clarifier | Fall 2017



Project Updates


Bristol, Tennessee
An evaluation for the renovation of two 1.5 MG Concrete Storage Reservoirs is underway.

An evaluation of the existing Boone Lake SPS pumping
capacity to handle stormwater flow and eliminate SSO’s is complete and an engineering report has been submitted to the Owner.

Design is complete and the Owner has installed a new Permanganate Feed at the Raw Water Intake.


Chapel Hill, Tennessee
Plans and specifications for the Morningside Drive 8-inch Force Main project have been approved by ECD and all required planning information has been sent to SRF for the $1.15M Sewer project which is being funded by a CDBG and SRF loan.


Cleveland Utilities – Cleveland, Tennessee
Improvements to the Peak Wastewater Diversion Pumping Station are underway with W&O Construction Co., Inc. being the low bidder at $754,600. The diversion structure, base slab and walls have been placed. The project has a completion date of January 2018.


Columbia, Tennessee
The Capacity Assessment Plan, Sewer System Evaluation Survey Work Plan, Fats, Oils and Grease Control Program, Sanitary Sewer Overflow Response Plan, Pump Station Operation and Preventive Maintenance Program, Continuing Sewer System Assessment Program, Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program, and Information Management Systems and Capacity Assessment Report are complete and approved by EPA as part of the Administrative Order of Consent. SSES work is complete. The Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey Report has been submitted to EPA.


Installation of Generators Meadow Lake Water Treatment Plant. Crossville, Tennessee

Crossville, Tennessee
Improvements at the Meadow Park and Holiday WTP, which include constructing a new chemical building, as well as sandblasting and painting the pipe gallery, and replacing the existing settling basin equipment will begin November 27, 2017 with W&O Construction Co., Inc. being the Contractor.

The Meadow Park Water Treatment Plant Generator Project with Trinity Contracting Services Co., LLC is underway with the first two generators being installed in
October and the third generator added by a change order scheduled to arrive December.

A study to determine the alternatives to supply the future raw water needs of Crossville has been submitted to the Owner.

Preliminary work is underway related to a sewer and water line for the Meadow Park Lake area


Dayton, Tennessee
Design of the new 4.0 MGD WWTP and Third Street gravity conveyance line are underway. Survey is complete. Geotech bore locations are being determined.

A bid opening for the Industrial Park Water and Sewer System Improvement project was held October 24 with Mayse Construction Company of Chattanooga, TN being the low bidder at $503,092. The improvements consist of 2,370 L.F. of 10-inch sewer and 2,575 L.F. of 16-inch water line.

Plans and Specifications are complete for the State Route 30 utility relocation. TDOT is currently acquiring right of ways.


Fentress County Utility District – Fentress County, Tennessee
The Highway 127/62 utility relocation project through TDOT has a letting date of February 2019. Design work is underway.

Draft design for the 12-inch Water Transmission Line from FCUD’s Clarkrange Tank to the Industrial Park is complete and easements are currently being written. The project is being funded through a TN ECD Site Development Grant.


Halls, Tennessee
The final NPDES Permit was issued by TDEC.

Preliminary engineering work is underway related to SCADA system upgrades.


South WWTP Aeration Basin Improvements, Henderson Water Utility. Henderson, Kentucky

Henderson Water Utility – Henderson, Kentucky
Improvements to the South WWTP Aeration Basins have begun with the Contractor performing earthwork and installing underdrains in Basin No. 4. This project includes the renovation of three existing earthen aeration basins with 60 mil synthetic liner system on the side slopes, poured in place concrete bottom slabs, new inlet and outlet piping and basin underdrain system. Nine-inch fine bubble disc diffusers are designed to be attached to the concrete bottom slab. The low bidder was M. Bowling, Inc. of Henderson, KY. The project has a completion date of August 2018 at $3,182,150.

Construction of the North Wastewater Treatment Plant Final Clarifiers No. 1 & No. 2 Rehabilitation project is continuing with the contractor, M. Bowling, Inc. The project continues to be on hold until the clarifier equipment arrives.


Hohenwald, Tennessee
A bid opening for the Water System Rehabilitation project on Buffalo Road, funded by an Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Grant in the amount of $500,000, was held October 24 with the low bidder being Ward Construction of Linden, TN at $519,750.

The Water Rehabilitation project funded by a 2016 Community Development Block Grant is underway with fifty water services remaining to be installed. Work will begin on master meters soon. Contracting Services of Culleoka, TN is the Contractor and the project has an estimated completion date of January 2018.

A 2017 CDBG for Water Rehabilitation was awarded to Hohenwald and Lewis County in their partnership project. A Technical Assistance Visit was conducted October 31. Survey work is scheduled to begin soon.


Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority (HWEA) – Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Construction for the $1,007,405 sewer extension to Farm Credit Services, which will accommodate future growth, has begun with Cumberland Pipeline, LLC being the Contractor. Force main installation and blasting work are mostly complete and the Contractor is working on installation of gravity sewer and the new 180 gpm Sorrell Lane SPS. The project has a completion date of February 2018.

Geotechnical borings are complete and a report is underway for the Hammond Wood WWTP Expansion and Renovation. This $39 million project includes a new influent pumping station with coarse screening, headworks with fine screening and grit removal, anaerobic zone with submersible mixers for enhanced biological phosphorus removal, renovation of the existing oxidation ditches, fine bubble aeration and submersible mixers, new 110 foot diameter final clarifier, renovation of the existing return activated sludge pumping station, renovation of the existing chemical feed facilities, and permanent chemical feed facilities for peracetic acid disinfection. Biosolids are proposed to be stored in two 750,000 gallon aerated prestressed concrete sludge holding tanks before being dewatered by screw presses and solar dryers resulting in a class “A” product. A new operations and laboratory building is also being designed which includes facilities for operator training.


Alex Smith, General Manager of Humboldt Utilities, pictured with two representatives of Tyson Foods. Investment Announcement November 20, 2017. Humboldt, Tennessee

Humboldt, Tennessee
Tyson Foods recently announced their $300M investment to locate in Humboldt. This announcement secures the need for a larger WWTP as well as improvements to the water distribution system.. Design work will continue on the new 6 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Facilities Plan has been submitted to SRF.

An application for a Site Development Grant through TN ECD has been submitted for sewer service to the Industrial Park.

The NPDES renewal permit has been issued.

Grant funding for the $1.5M Sludge Dewatering Facility was received through Economic Development Administration which includes influent pumping station, grit removal, and sludge dewatering.


Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) – Jackson, Tennessee
Construction on the $3M Miller Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, with Garney Construction, is complete and closed out.

JEA was awarded a $13.3M Disaster Community Development Block Grant focusing on five separate projects. The first project, 54-inch Riverside Interceptor Rehabilitation, is currently out for bids. The sewer pumping station renovation project has been sent to the State for review.

Design continues on the Miller Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements and the water line river crossings.


Lawrenceburg Utility Systems – Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
A final report for renovation of the 8.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant has been submitted to the Owner.


Construction of new utility line being bored under Hwy 50. Lewisburg, Tennessee

Lewisburg, Tennessee
Funding for the 2017 CDBG Sewer Rehab project has been announced and design has begun.

Plans and specifications, the Facility Plan, and supporting documentation for the WWTP Nutrient Removal Facilities were submitted to SRF and TDEC.

A Water System Capacity Study is complete and submitted to the Owner.

Construction of water and sewer relocations for State Route 50/431 continues and is expected to be complete Winter 2017/2018.

Bids were opened Wednesday, October 31, 2017, for the Snell Branch Sewage Pumping Station Renovation project with Richland, LLC of Pulaski, TN being the low bidder at $1,103,350.

The NPDES Permit Renewal Application Package is underway.


Livingston, Tennessee
A bid opening for the Monroe Water System Improvements project was held October 19, 2017, with John T. Hall Construction of Sparta, TN being the lower bidder at $1,562,395. The project consists of 33,000 L.F. of 6 and 8-inch water line.

A bid opening for the Sewage Pumping Stations Renovation project was held October 19, 2017 with John T. Hall Construction of Sparta, TN being the low bidder at $1,520,850. The project consists of the renovation of seven sewage pumping stations and 1,400 L.F. of sewer line.

Clean out of Polishing Pond No. 1 & No. 2 at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is complete and closed out.

Funding for the 2017 CDBG WWTP project has been announced and design is underway.

Improvements at the Water Treatment Plant are underway with Southern Flow being the Contractor for control and instrumentation modifications at a cost of $151,000. In addition, the City Lake Dam repair is complete with GeoFirma as the Contractor.


Madisonville, Kentucky
The Madison Square Area Sewer Improvements, consisting of 3,500 L.F. of 24-inch sewer, is complete with punch list items remaining.

Twin States Utilities & Excavation, Inc. is the Contractor at $798,870. Final plans and specifications have been submitted to the Owner and the Kentucky Division of Water for 10,000 L.F. of new 6 & 8-inch water lines, a booster station, and new 250,000 gallon elevated tank for the new north high pressure zone.


Maryville, Tennessee
An application for the NPDES Permit was submitted to TDEC on June 29.

Design of a new Sludge Thickener Building and two new belt presses is 50 percent complete.

A preliminary Alternative Disinfection Study is underway to investigate the use of alternate disinfectants and technologies at the WWTP.


Ohio County Water District – Ohio County, Kentucky
Preliminary work is underway in relation to the disinfection change of switching from chlorine gas to bleach at the WTP.

Survey work is complete and design is underway for the Hoover Hill Interconnect Water Line project.


Paducah McCracken Joint Sewer Agency (JSA) – Paducah, Kentucky
The geotechnical investigation is complete and design is underway for the 15 MG Tank. This tank is proposed to store wet weather combined sewer flows and will utilize a deep pile foundation. A design progress meeting was conducted November15.


Pulaski, Tennessee
Technical assistance with the pretreatment program is ongoing. A final NPDES Permit was received and assistance with a land application of sludge continues.

A pre-construction meeting for the $357,519 Harwell Heights and Robinhood Sewage Pumping Station Renovations was held November 1 with Contractor B. H. Craig Construction.

A pre-construction meeting for the $394,279 rehabilitation of approximately 5,000 L.F. of gravity sewer using pipe bursting methods was held November 1 with Contractor MG Underground, LLC.


Savannah, Tennessee
Phase II of the TDOT State Route 128 road widening is under construction with Contractor Marbury Construction. A completion date of December 2018 has been set.

Final plans have been submitted to TDOT for the SR128 project from Pyburns Road to Airport Road.

A NPDES Permit Renewal Application was submitted to TDEC.


Shelbyville Power, Water & Sewerage System (PW&SS) – Shelbyville, Tennessee
We continue to assist with the Pretreatment Program.

Funding for the 2017 Phase III Sewer Rehab project has been announced and design is underway with surveying to begin soon. A cost estimate for the rehabilitation of the Shoffner-Bomar SPS and US Pencil SPS was submitted to the Owner.

Aerial view of WWTP featuring new Headworks, Electrical Building & Effluent Pumps. Smithville, Tennessee

Aerial view of WWTP featuring new Headworks, Electrical Building & Effluent Pumps. Smithville, Tennessee

Smithville, Tennessee
The $2.8M renovation of the 2.16 MGD SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearing completion with Contractor working on punch list items.


Construction begins on new 1.6 MGD SBR, Trenton Light and Water. Trenton,

Trenton Light and Water – Trenton, Tennessee
Smith Contractors was awarded the $8,888,000 new 1.6 MGD Sequencing Batch Reactor Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Contractor has started excavation and the project has a completion date of March 2019.

The final NPDES Permit has been issued by TDEC. Survey is complete for the Eaton Street Sewer project.


Union City, Tennessee
Utility line relocation plans for the I-69, Phase II and State Route 5 have been completed and are awaiting TDOT’s letting.

Construction of I-69 Phase III utility work is complete with clean-up remaining.

The 2016 Utility Rehabilitation project, with John T. Hall Contracting at $1,579,347 being the Contractor, is complete and closed out. A FastTrack grant for an Industrial Park Water Line has been awarded with Natural Gas Piping Co. being the low bid of $326,565.50. The water line is complete and service lines remain. Fire protection line work is 75 percent complete. The project has a completion date of December 15, 2017.

A Delta Regional Authority Grant has been awarded in the amount of $350,000 for water improvements to the Industrial Park.